Glasgow street photography full and half day  tuition

Want to learn how to photograph on the streets?

I have workshops and 1-2-1 tuition specifically tailored to this fast growing genre.

I  used to look at Glasgow street photography and think how and why do they do that? Walking about with a camera just photographing the things they spotted on the street

It seemed very perplexing, with my key areas of wonder coming from

  • Why did they do it?
  • What sort of equipment are they using?
  • Is there a best setting for the camera?
  • Whats this reportage thing i keep hearing about?
  • Where do I start?
  • Is there a workshop where I can learn street photography.
  • How do I process my images to make them look like the cool ones I have seen online

Here’s my solution, I will teach you

  • The technical aspects of street photography, what makes for a good street composition, how to spot great shots forming.
  • Understand the types of settings you would commonly use to shoot fast on the street.
  • Dealing with the people you come across whilst out on the street.
  • Basic legal and ethical aspects of street photography.
  • Confrontation management.
  • Post production techniques. (where possible)
  • how to blend in with the crowd or if you prefer how to engage wit the crowd for even better images.

What you will need to bring along on the day.

    • All weather clothing. The weather changes fast in Scotland, especially in the Autumn and Summer months.
    • Your camera with  preferred choice of lenses. I always find its best to travel light with as few lenses as possible.
    • Spare batteries and memory cards.
    • Your laptop. (if you want to learn a bit more about workflow)
    • Tripod but only if you want to slow it down a bit.

Glasgow street photography is all about learning and having fun. The day is light hearted with the main bulk learning out on the street.

After the course i will invite you to a Facebook group where your journey will continue. Ongoing critique and knowledge sharing with other like minded photographers. The group isn’t specifically for the Glasgow street photography alumni but for all image tuition photographers.


Whats the cost of this?

£199 for a full day of 1-2-1 tuition or £100 for a half day Book 1-2-1 tuition with me


Workshops with a max of 4 participants £99 per day with a minimum of 3 attendees to run

These are held throughout the year and can be flexible enough to accommodate both weekdays and weekends.

glasgow street photography tuition

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