Long exposure photography tuition in Scotland

Quality long exposure photography is one of the most sought after genres within fine art photography, producing some of the most memorable images with fabulous dream like qualities.

The one thing  you need in droves to master this it is the patience to slow yourself & your photography down thats all nothing more complicated.

Don’t worry you don’t need a meteorological degree or a membership of Mensa, all you need is some basic understanding of how the individual elements in a scene come together to produce stunning long exposure images.

I will give you a good understanding of what’s required to become competent and start producing those WOW images on the long exposure photography tuition workshop.
This workshop is aimed at those already familiar with a camera and how it operates its not designed with beginners in mind.

The main points covered

  1. Why shoot a long exposure when a short one would do
  2. What works best in long exposure photography
  3. Types of ND filters, which is best for you
  4. How to work out the best exposure
  5. Shooting
  6. Composition

What you should have for this course.

  • All weather clothing,
  • Your camera
  • Charged batteries
  • A tripod
  • Shutter release cable
  • Camera grad filters and either a ten stop or 6 stop ND filter if you have them already. ( I can help you out with these but let me know in advance)

Prior to coming on the course I would like to see a few of your images to gauge where you are on your long exposure photography  journey. These can be sent via email prior to joining.

Some of my monochrome images are viewable here. John Farnan Photography