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I see the term banded around all the time icon, iconic, iconic skyline.
Not until you experience the vista as you drive into the City (NewYork) do you finally get what it means…

Being from Scotland a country stepped in iconic old buildings or indeed iconic mountains and glens I really should appreciate how to spot an icon.
Living in close proximity to Glasgow it could be said i live next to a City with an iconic skyline. The problem with the  Glasgow outline is you just don’t get to appreciate it as you come in from outside, maybe its down to the way you arrive. which in my case is normally via the M8/M74 or by train.
When you come into the City (Manhattan) from Queens you get to take in that Iconic vista unfettered and for just long enough to marvel at it.
Everyone knows the Empire State Building and most know the Chrysler Building too, we have all seen them in the films we grew up watching and in the TV series we all know but until you see them first hand its difficult to get just how impressive they are. The E.S.B. towers over mid town changing colour as the light changes. Partially obscured by low level clouds regularly you might miss the top of it if its a shot visit your on.

The vista below was shot from another iconic structure the Brooklyn Bridge.
If you can afford to go I say get your bum on a plane.

I can even join you there offering tuition on shooting these iconic buildings and the people who live and work in them 🙂

Probably the most reconisable skyline in the world but one icon shines and towers above them all. The Empire State Building. Welcome to New York. A typically cold January day as a snow storm was building above the city.

If you have an idea what makes an icon let me know in the comments below.

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