Iconic images I see the term banded around all the time icon, iconic, iconic skyline. Not until you experience the vista as you drive into the City (NewYork) do you finally get what it means… Being from Scotland a country stepped in iconic old buildings or indeed iconic mountains and glens I really should appreciate how to spot an icon. Living in close proximity to Glasgow it could be said

Part 1 a simple visual introduction to polarising & gradual filters, In my workflow i have a regular need to use lens filters. These perform various tasks for me from darkening or making skies pop to extending the exposure time from fractions of seconds through to many minutes in some cases. The many minutes function is particularly handy for someone who produces mainly long exposure images. For the past few

Recently i went on the tour of Glasgow Central Station Although not really designed with photographers in mind which is fair, it did offer a few photographic opportunities Here’s a selection of the images i took on the day  


Oct 2014


Along the banks of the Thames River i came across this wine glass behind a locked gate. The tide was lapping around it and someone was playing tunes in the distance. It all came together rather well. Best enter full screen and set to 1080p for the most realistic playback (c) John Farnan Photography www.johnfar.com

We are always being watched its just a matter of who is watching you and are you watching them? Shot at Helix in Falkirk in front of the Kelpies. I was standing on a bridge which wobbled every time i tried to get this long exposure image. Repeating the shot a few times i managed to get a clear 38 second run to it for this one. The reflections were

Photographers can become obsessed by depth of field (DOF) You have either too much of it and want less or you don’t have enough of it and want more. The longer the focal length on the lens the shallower the DOF, the wider aperture on the lens the lens the shallower it gets. As a landscape photographer i am always looking for the deepest i can get. People tell me


Jun 2014

Glasgow Prints

The summer visitor season is nearly upon Glasgow and Scotland. No where else will you find images that will sum up memories of Glasgow more than in my Glasgow images portfolio. Here’s a small sample. If you have a particular request and cannot see it here just email and i will see what i can do. All of them can be purchased by visiting www.glasgowimages.com my main supply site (c)

Still on the subject of short moving stills Here’s another, this time from Portobello beach. Going forwards then backwards the sound track was recorded elsewhere and synched in. Best to see on my own site where you can view full screen and in full HD www.johnfarnan.co.uk   (c) John Farnan


Jun 2014

The Undercurrent

Now and again I venture into moving stills. Not very often but just every so often something catches my eye. This particular moving still came about whilst in Benidorm last year. The pool, 6 stories below us was being cleaned and the attendant had left the hose in it. The rhythmic movement of this in the water caught my eye. The soundtrack I created to go along with it. Its

Whilst i was waiting for the for the light to sort itself out back in February i took a small series of 9 images. The Clyde Arc was my intention for a shot that night and i was a bit bored so clicked away at regular intervals between 18:20 and 19:02 when i shot the final image. The conversion to a a small video was done in Photoshop. Just press